Määttästen Suvusta, the basic Family History book about our Family from the known ancient times until the World War II, was published in May 2006.  It includes general history about our Carelia and our Family with a rich map collection (many in colours), Family Tables and also some tens of short stories. 

It is a hard cover A4-size book having 368 pages.  Except a short Summary all is in Finnish.  Family descendants can order it from Samuli Määttänen ( ).  The price for Family members is 35 €. 

Family History Additions 1, a small about 50 page A4-booklet, was published in the Meeting of the Family Association 22.5.2010.  The major contents are a highly interesting summary of our Y-DNA study and some 30 pages additions to the  Family Tables (families up to 1934 and all children within all tables).  The result is almost 1000 new names (mainly still living people).  This update is free of charge to all former and future owners of our Family History book.  

The next Meeting for all members of our Family Association will be held  during the summer 2013.  During 2011 and 2012 there will be only annual managerial meetings of The Family Council. 

 We have done a systematic Y-DNA study with excellent results.  The main conclusions are:

All Family Branches Määttänen and Määttä had a common forefather, less than 600 years ago.  They all belong to the Finnish Haplotype N1c1-Ladoga

The son-in-law branch Kalloin /Maattain (descendants of Pekka Heikinpoika Maattanen) has some "brother lines" from SAvonia with different name from 15th century.  Their Haplotype is I1d-Bothnia.  The Carelian Kallonen family is no near relative belonging to a different  Haplogroup.

The results were published 22.5.2010 and in the Chapter "Family History" there is little more info.  At present we have no real reports in English.